Favorite Goat Satay, Soup, and Curry! (Sate, Sop, dan Gulai Kambing!)

I know that many people would refer to those goat restaurants in Sabang area, or Tanah Abang and Grogol. Although they are good, but there’s this one place has been my family’s favorite since I was little. If other places only serves satay or soup, this place offers not only both, but also Goat Curry (which is my fav). Oh, I think they also have Goat Fried Rice 😉

The place is called Maman, with an intriguing locations since there are no restaurants around that area. In fact, Maman was located in an ex-graveyard (or beside it?) and it was quite dark at night. It’s pretty easy to find actually, just across Hotel Santika at Jl. Aipda Ks Tubun, Grogol or just turn left before the traffic light in Slipi (heading south). Here is the map to Hotel Santika, with which when you found it, just go straight until you find a U-turn and you will find a white and yellow tents across the Hotel (you have to make an entrance since it was in a house’s front yard area): http://maps.google.com/maps?um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=hotel+santika+petamburan&fb=1&gl=id&hq=hotel+santika+petamburan&hnear=Jakarta&cid=0,0,12548036672734219990&ei=GteuTNzjM4OmvQO784nFBg&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&resnum=5&ved=0CCcQnwIwBA

As for the food, whoa you gotta try it! Especially when it’s after-rain and you’re hungry, geez, it’s one the best dinner you’ll have 😉 If you like something really tasty, you should try the Goat Curry! But you would want to eat it while it’s hot, mind you. Most people loves the soup better than the curry, though. My father always orders the soup and mix the ‘pickle soup’ in it (worth to try, don’t you think?). As for me, I always order ALL-MEAT, either it’s soup or curry, since I can’t eat any other parts. For those of you who are like me, well you’ll still find some other parts that’s not meat, but it’s acceptable compared to those I’ve ate at Tanah Abang area.

The Satay, it was Superb!! They put the peanut sauce and sweet soy sauce at the bottom of the Satay, so when you mix it while it’s hot and eat it right away, you can still smell the smoked meat sweetly combined with the sauces. The Satay meat is not smelly, unlike the ones I ate somewhere (I forgot), and tasty. I’ve tried some which were quite hard to swallow, but Maman’s Satay is always juicy and tastes lovely when you swallow it. I would suggest you to order 10 at first, and when you want more, order some more – to keep it hot when you’re eating it!

I believe Maman only opens at night, probably since 7-11. I always go there around 7.30 (dinner) or 10 (supper). The price is very affordable, only around 20.000-35.000 Rupiah 😉 The was not so neat, since it was only in a tent on somebody’s front, so if you really cares about being neat, prepare yourself (although I believe that the food is all hygiene). Well, go and explore it your selves….!!!

(Most pictures are from http://makanlagilagimakan.wordpress.com/2009/08/30/maman-sate-dan-sop-kambing/ – since I was too hungry to take pictures of the food :p)

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