Yummy ‘Appletox Peeling Cream’ from Tony Moly Korea

For the last couple of months I’ve been wanting to write a review about beauty products that I’ve tried, since I also looked for some before I buy one. So this is it! The first review would be the yummiest beauty product I’ve ever had, Appletox Peeling Cream.

When I first heard ‘peeling’, I was reluctant. My mom suffered a lot when she went for a series of peeling with a skin specialist, yet with very low impact. Dissapointing. Apparentlyyy, there are various beauty products out there offering at-home peeling which are very safe to use. I was browsing for skin care products on ‘Make Up Shop‘ Facebook account when I found this one, and from a very cute store named Tony Moly.
Tony Moly is a Korean-based cosmetic brand company striving to bring fun & beauty together to overseas market. They have stores in Korea, Thailand and Singapore, also recently opened in Brunei. Of all the products, I fell with Appletox Peeling Cream for what it says about the product:

“A 3-1 Multi-Peeling Cream make of Apple and papaya extracts which contain of keratin that is excellent for skin renewal and the same time serve as moisturizer to create a calm, focus, supple and comfortable skin.
Keratin and waste management will create a transparent, clean skin. By massaging over the skin, it would improve blood circulation to create a healthy and vibrant skin.
Keratin which extracted from the fruit acid skin could renew old skin cells and eliminate clogged pores in the skin.”

As for myself, it is indeed makes skin looks brighter, and of course very very soft! πŸ˜€ What I love the most is how it smells so good, that you can still smell it even after you wash it off. As a cream, it comes in a very liqiudy texture, which is why you should leave it until it’s dry once applied on your face.

Directions to use as stated on the Facebook seller’s page:
1) Apply an appropriate amount unto cleansed skin
2) Avoid eyes and lips areas
3) Massage on the skin for 1-2 minutes and wait for 20-30 seconds
4) Gently peel off the skin and wash away the waste with warm water

Want to see how it goes on the skin? See below πŸ˜‰

Once applied. Make sure to make it even.
After peeled, like scrubs. It actually shows brighter color on the spot.
Who needs some peeling? Well I would say girls or even boys after high school ages can use it, but especially if you’re already 20ish like me and would like to pay more attention on the skin, I would recommend it. It’s not pricey at all as well, only IDR 135.000, if you buy it from where I bought it. If you go to Singapore, you can find it on Bugis Junction, as said on their TONY MOLY HQ KoreaFacebook. Well, have fun with Apple!! ;D


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