The Journey for Food in Vegas

Buffet. Buffet. Buffet.

Every hotel has a buffet or two, each with different selection of menu, taste, and class. I tried The Buffet at Wynn Hotel on my first night in Vegas. It was said to be the best buffet on the Strip according to several website and travel books. I would say they have the highest class of food, a more finesse food. Taste wise? Maybe there’s a better place.

My husband loves the Rack of Lamb and Crab Legs, both known to be expensive food and rarely found in Buffet. The lamb rack was cooked medium rare to medium so the texture was nice, but I must say they lack a bit of taste. Although the crab legs are fresh, there aren’t enough supporting food. There are several seafood dishes including shrimp cocktail, but they aren’t as fresh as the crab legs. The pasta, only the Stuffed Ravioli tastes good, even then the flour is too thick according to my taste.

The dessert, I must say only the Creme Brule exceeds my expectation because the other ones were quite disappointing. My husband likes the Mojito cakes, though, as shown below (Top left: Cream Puff and Cream Brulee, Bottom Right: Mojito Cake and Chocolate Marshmallow). After all, you got to taste the food and judge for yourself.

Compared to Wynn, we like The Buffet at Bellagio better. The food are more simplistic and with less variety (maybe because we went to the lunch instead of dinner), but the tastes are better. They have a very nice Beef Au Jus, Risotto, and the desserts are great. The cheesecake is way better than some famous pastries in LA and the Chocolate Round Cake is so soft and rich that it melts in your mouth. What I love the most is what they called Assorted Danish, which looks like a small pie with almond but it has some caramel filling inside. Oh it was just gooey and sweet and delicious. Bellagio offers comfort food indeed.

Now I know our tummy can only hold as much food 😉 That’s why we ate at Mon Ami Gabi, said to be one of the most delicious French Cuisine in Vegas. You can find it at Paris Hotel, of course. They specialized as a steakhouse, but from several Yelp reviews I know I have to try their breakfast menu instead.

I came there right at 11.05 just after they closed their breakfast menu, but then they offer a last minute breakfast since we looked so desperate. And Yes! The French Toast is the best I’ve ever taste so far. It was somewhat crispy on the sides and really soft inside. Oh my the cream is so soft and perfect sweet I can cry, especially combined with the Blueberry sauce. Heavenly!

The waitress offered Egg Benedict Special. It was a perfect combination, a rave of taste, savory. The Biscuits are soft and flaky which is great, and the egg benedict is perfect. The bacon is a little bit dry, but the hash brown on the side makes up for it. Crispy, perfectly seasoned, yet still soft in your mouth. Perfect brunch.

Wanna go Eastern? I found this awesome sushi place inside MGM Grand, near the Food Court. Shibuya. They also offer Tasting menu, a 9 courses meal that will elevate your taste bud. Two options are available, Omakase ($120/person) or Futari which is served family style for two ($80/person). This is definitely a must try experience when budget is not an issue. Especially if you’re travelling to Japan.

We ordered Ryu (dragon) Roll and Salmon Skin Roll. The Ryu roll is the star of the day with its tender eel bursting with sweet sauce and the freshness of mango, avocado and cucumber in the middle. It matched perfectly with the crispy and savory Salmon Skin Roll. A symphony of flavor and texture.

We also ordered Salmon Avocado, and it was the best raw salmon sushi we’ve ever tried. It was the freshest one with the best cute. Another order we placed is Kurobuta Pork Crisp. It was not what we expected as an entree, but apparently they called it ‘warm plates’ because it is not an entree. It was a braised black pork with seared nigiri tofu on top with Nihon glaze. Really nice thin crip on the outside with soft tofu on top, and when you bite it, the pork is sweet and so soft that it melts in your mouth.

Sometimes finding a good food is like finding a jewel in between rocks. They may shine, but they may not be real. The ones that shines and expensive usually has a better chance, or not. Your best shot is to find reviews before you go. Good luck and enjoy!

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