World Beyond My Reach

There are worlds I cannot understand. World beyond my reach. I tried to be part of them, but I cannot. I was once a part of, but the world continues without my presence. Who am I after all, that world has to revolve around me? We are tiny bits of flesh in a paradise of oceans, land, communities.

People tries to identify themselves by getting involved in community, group, society, political parties, you name it. Ever since you were born, you are already part of a certain society. A given society. You grow up in a society your parents belong to. It shapes who you are. It gives you connections, showing the world for the first time and therefore, shapes your very first thoughts of how to live your life.

It brings you to which school your parents assigned you to. You find people, friends, who speaks your language. Who understands you and shares the same point of view, thus, from a similar society in which they grew up into. As time goes by you choose clubs where you seek to explore talents, and start learning new languages. Expand knowledge, experience, connection. Yet again, life goes on. People move on. And the world where you used to live can no longer exists.

So I do what everyone must do. Follow the path of life and open myself to new languages, perspective, conversations. Yet I am still me. I cannot fully be part of that world. Maybe because I am new. Maybe because we came from totally different society and grown up in a very different world. Maybe I was only living in my dreams. Maybe I was asking too much of life. Maybe…

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