Whine A Little but Be Thankful


I just had one of the longest weeks in my life moving from Florida to Oklahoma City, where I had my first car accident in just after 2 days after moving here and the first one ever since I moved to US, California about 2 years ago. The same morning the accident happened we were driving on a freeway when a piece of wood flew out of nowhere to the middle lane, hit the front bumper and stuck there leaving a huge hole. As if that wasn’t enough I had my neck pain again, now followed by pinching on the head. Pinching was never a good sign. I went to chiropractor fearing the worst from the accident and found out I had early sign of arthritis in addition to the trauma.

On the bright side, we found a house that fits our need in just after 4 days after moving here. Isn’t that awesome? It was an older house and yes, we do need to do some renovation. Change the old carpet, smooth the textured walls, repaint the walls and cabinetry, add some lighting, and yada yada. We don’t have the savings for that, but I believe we can still manage and do some DIY projects. Has life been good? I’d say yes.

I consider myself lucky being able to travel to many places, considering there are a lot of people out there who have never even been on a plane, or even have no shelter to comfortably rest at night. I always had a home, and a family. It wasn’t perfect, nor pretty. But it was always there to welcome me, to give me shelter, a final destination from a long weary day. Yet here I am, in the middle of another unknown city, and still have no place to call home.

Mississippi River - Roadtrip 2014
Mississippi River – Roadtrip 2014 #nofilter #MS

It’s easy to whine and ask why does this or that happens to me. One thing I learned from my Sunday school a long time ago was never to ask ‘why’. Some people believe in destiny while other despises it, but what we believe is out of the equation. Destiny creates our path but it’s ours to change if we have the willpower, the courage, and the faith to do so.

Another thing was no matter how bad we suffered, there’s someone else out there, or a lot of people who are even more miserable. I’ve met a lot of people who doesn’t realize how bountiful their life has been but end up losing most of it due to lack of knowledge, mismanagement, miscalculation, but most of all, lack of thankfulness. On the contrary, I’ve met people who found it hard to provide for family and have no idea what luxury is all about but they show sincere kindness toward others, love for the family, and be thankful for having each other. These are no ordinary people.

This is the first year I ever do the obligatory fasting and abstinence as directed by Catholic Church, I wonder why myself. On these weeks we are obliged to suppress our worldly desires, as it is important to reflect on our past behaviors and atone for our sins. There are many times in life where I find myself unable to control my emotion, pushing others when things didn’t go as I wanted it to be.

I know it’s hard to be grateful when things didn’t go our way, but if we only just be grateful for what we have, for being able to breathe, for having loved someone even just once… Then, maybe then, we can accept life with its ups and downs while always patiently climbing up the ladder of faith and of life. Cheers to you and let’s observe Lent Weeks!

Winter to Spring is here
Winter to Spring is Here! #PanamaCity #FL

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  1. As always… a sanctuary filled with charming words.

    I feel more at peace with my life after reading this posts.

    Yes, I still have to-dos that I want to accomplish… yet no matter the challenges, I still have hope that life will always get better.

    Now… that’s faith at work.

    • That is so kind of you. You have no idea what it means to have someone say I brought some peace to their life 🙂 Yes, there’s still a lot we have to do. Sometimes it will only get harder, but embrace yourself. The ride is not over 🙂

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