Is It Wrong? When Life Goes Wrong…

Is it wrong to want a nice life?
A better life where one can just wander freely throughout the world,
A happier life with someone to care about, waking up every morning next to them,
A meaningful life with a purpose, a goal to reach, a home to come home…

Is it wrong to want something nice?
A perfect shoes to wrap the ankles, distinct, to boost the confidence,
A perfect coat to protect from the cold, bold, to be pretty and respected,
A perfect someone to give something nice when everything went abrupt…

Is it wrong to want a peaceful life?
A place to be quiet and reflect on yesterdays, be thankful, and smile everyday,
A job to love with nice people but more importantly an income to provide,
A few coins inside the pocket to buy milk for brothers at home…

Indonesian Child Worker
Indonesian Child Worker

When life goes wrong and we have nothing to hold on to, is it time to give up. Is it time to let go. To forget life we once had, family we once cared, friends who was once around. Is it time? No!

No matter how low life has become, no matter how much we have to beg to eat, no matter how many times people kick us around, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. When we fall to the dark pitch with no lights, no hopes, and no one; hold on to the memory of smiles, of warm food touching the lips, of a mother’s embrace.

Hold on to something we once hold dear, and have faith. Light will come. If you would open your heart, if you would go back to the way of light, if you would only follow the narrow winding road that will lead you to life.

“But you do not want to come to me to have life.” – John 5:40

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