Regressed Perception Towards “Sin”

Last week marked the second confession I have ever made on my 14 years as a Catholic. Quite embarassing, I must admit, but coming from a non-religious (I mean, with no specific religion) family I thought that was normal; amongst other things ‘normal’ people consider unordinary, hard to accept, or even sinful. You know, like a really guilty guilty pleasure? *wink*

I know I’ve sinned, at least I know some of them were indeed, a sin. I tried to repent and apologized on my prayers, hoping it would be enough. Yet I found myself reciting the same apology over and over again, not being able to see light at the end of the tunnel. Only to realize that there has been a distortion on my perspectives, as with the perspectives on majority of people out there.

What used to be taboo have become a part of our daily life, even on national television, like nudity and hedonism. What used to be holy has become part of swear words, like using the word ‘Jesus’ when they could’ve said ‘sh*t’. What used to be forbidden has become very common it was sold on streets or in private, namely alcohol, substance abuse, prostitution.

Now, I’m not talking about the 1900’s where all of the above have been exploited, although slowly and perhaps concealed. I’m talking about the older days. Before renaissance. Before machinery. Before politics. Before men and women forgotten sin, the 10 Commandments, the teaching of the Bible and all kinds of temptation that follows.

The modern world have forgotten the importance of religion and the risk of sin. The more you sin, the more accustomed you became, and the more of it you will incorporate in your life. The hard part is when you no longer notice. When you combine it with forgetting how religion helps you go back to the right way of life, when you think that going to church or temple or mosque is a waste of time, that you can just pray at home, or that being good is enough, then maybe, you forget that you could have have sinned in ways you never though would occur.


It is on our lowest and most desperate moment our faith and loyalty will be tested. Would we turn our back and detest Him or would we keep asking for His blessings and pray for perseverance and patient.

On the contrary, temptation will come on our most successful or happiest  moments, waiting for us to falter in many deceitful ways. Until one day we forget again. Forget what it means to love unconditionally, to accept life but to continue fighting for the best, to be honest in everything we do, sincerely. Simple things in life like hearing a sermon weekly will remind you how easy it is to step out of the light.

I’ve faltered. Stumbled. Regretted some of the biggest decisions I’ve made and still make the same mistake; fully aware of my weaknesses yet unable to defy reality. Evil comes in many ways we thought as the regularity of life, and yet we are too weak to say no. Because we like to indulge ourselves with what the world has to offer. The question is, how long will we live in this world, and where do we go next? What do you believe? Has your perception of sin regressed?


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