The Ugly Beginning of House Remodeling

Can’t believe how fast time flew when you’re so focused on something. We were busy tearing apart this new old house, making changes here and there, not knowing where to start. We’ve never even paint a wall before! My father used to own a cabinetry/furniture shop and he built every wood pieces in his house from door trims to dining tables. My husband (and his dad) was an architect. We figured, it must be in the blood somewhere! So here’s some shot of the beginning…

Nice living area but old carpet
Some cracked foundation under the carpets…
That dirty closets with plumbing holes filled with dirt…
Dark Kitchen/nook w/ track light, wallpaper, and PINK laminate countertop…

Too bad I can’t give any ‘After’ pictures just yet. Things are getting done little by little, one door at a time, one paint at a day… But! I could show you some NOW pictures:

Patched Concrete!
Patched Concrete!
Almost-installed recessed LED lights!
Almost-installed recessed LED lights!
Old vs NEW kitchen hinges!
Brazilian Koa laminate in place of that beige carpets! Oh, and new paint!

More to come, something new every day! Just got internet hooked today so hopefully I’d have more time to post some of the new things I did to this lovely house. Until then… *scrubbingthewoods*

PS: Forgive the poor quality of iPhone camera. The Nikon is watching but my hands are full!

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