The Traveling Souls

Traveling souls wander from tree to tree,
Cloud to cloud, different shape, different feelings.
A hint of world embossed in the traveling air,
Opening mind, consciousness.
Small in this vast earth, unseen yet presence.

Cows eating grasses by the meadow off the freeway,
Horses from afar sniffing the air and the land it stands.
Food signages mark small towns from spot to spot,
Until destination follows big buildings, significant life force.
To be alive.

Alone or together, traveling souls travel alone.
In the midst of pollutant, the crowd and buses noise, to mingle,
Or the silence of the night, to ponder by the lake, to reflect.
Traveling souls absorbs it all; to dream, to remember,
To be.

American River Park - Sacramento, CA 2012
American River Park – Sacramento, CA 2012


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