My Home, My Sanctuary

It’s been a couple of months since we’re done renovating the house. I’ve been meaning to post before and after pictures and maybe get an opinion of what could’ve been better. We didn’t do a major renovation or anything fancy. The house before was pretty but it was just too unison in color. Cream. I agree it could make a house look elegant, but that’s not the case with this house. It makes it look very outdated.

EntranceWe kept the original layout but using a chest for more storage. We added green rug to add a splash of color and to bind with green colors stretched all over the house, such as in that summer throw I draped on the sofa.

Living Room

We aimed for muted grey color for the living room wall and it ended up being a little bit too blue, a little too dark. The color was ‘Sparrow’ from Behr. Hence a copy of Degas’ painting makes the room look a bit more sophisticated and of more intimate ambience. Yes, I will change that ceiling fan. Very soon.


The kitchen probably has the most visible uplift, from the countertop, backsplash, to recessed lighting. We did the backsplash and recessed lights ourselves. Proud homeowner! We also repaint the whole house, including the kitchen and pantry. I use Behr Hushed White for all whites in the house. A warmer yet clean and crisp white shade.


Well they may have better looking appliances but I have a cleaner and more space-efficient laundry! I asked my husband to add a (shorter) shelf so I can reach for the detergent and stuff without a step stool. Seriously, it gets annoying.

master bedI heard it’s unusual for Americans to hang their wedding (or pre-wedding) pictures in the house, especially big ones like ours. Hey, I’m not American. Unlike some people who wants to be an American, I don’t. I know who I am, where I come from, and what I want in life. Right now, this home will make do. It shall be my sanctuary for a few years. Good ones, I hope. It’s been amazing the past few weeks with a new family member, Archie. Although we may not be able to keep him for long, sadly.




So, what do you think? Should I add or remove anything out to make this house looks better?


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