It Wasn’t Me, Father

arlington cemetery

It wasn’t me, Father.

It wasn’t me who curse, who conceit, who lies

It wasn’t me who hates the world and the people

Lurking in the shadows deep within me is evil

Dark as deepest root, eager to destroy my warmth

It’s coiling me tighter every time I miss You

It destroys my smile every time I compromise life

It wasn’t me who seek vengeance, crashing things

It wasn’t me stabbing my own heart, killing it

It wasn’t me, Father, and You know it.


Help me, Father

Help me to fight it with Your light

Help strengthen me with Your endless love

Help me see my action, my words, my thoughts

Help me repent enough to deserve Your just kindness

Help me repent those who aren’t me, within me…


It wasn’t me, Father…

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