Time for a Change – Blogging 201 

Pregnancy has made me confused on how much I’m comfortable with sharing my thoughts and pieces of my life, especially when my trail of thoughts have been so jumbled up in findng as much information about pregnancy, birth, and baby as possible. I wonder if it would be more special if I share my experience to the world wide web or whether I want to keep my pregnancy and my child’s privacy only to ourselves. I was torn. I even limit what I posted on Facebook and grew tired on taking pictures without posting them anywhere, to a point where I ended up not taking pictures anymore.

Until I joined Confluence Conference on digital marketing last week in Oklahoma, where I’ve lived for the past one and a half years. Everything in digital media is about marketing, no matter how much I dislike the traditional practice of marketing. Getting known as a writer, introducing new regulations to public, promoting an event, selling your used car or bed on Craiglist, and well, writing a blog.

Then I got an email from WordPress on joining Blogging 201, a two weeks challenge on kickstarting a blog. I told myself, this might be just what I needed to figure out what I want to do with this blog and how much I want to share with fellow readers and writers. So here goes the first task, though a little late, on my three goals for this blog or what I aim to do for this blog:

– Write more specific and targeted contents, which will include pregnancy, new parenthood, and product/food reviews at least once every 2 weeks. With a newborn coming up soon, I don’t want to get over my head thinking I will have time. If I do, great! If not, I’m waiting for the right content to pop out of my head because I want quality.

– Visit, read, and give comments when suitable to other bloggers, especially those who have followed me. Reciprocate in blogging community. I have joined Oklahoma Women Blogger for a while but haven’t really joined on their scheduled posting, Wordless Wednesday and things like that. I should make time.

– Attrack visitors/readers from various channels other than Facebook and Twitter, meaning tap into Instagram, Pinterest, and Path and to mention related parties associated on the blog posts.

There’s always something more we can do to make everything better, and since this blog is never about making money or gain popularity, I’d humbly said that this is a personal blog free of all bias. I was invited by a restaurant once, hoping I would write a good review. Since their food was far below standard and service was bad, that’s what I wrote. It may be against blogger code, maybe, but I will only write the truth according to my experience. Maybe that’s why I wasn’t into marketing.

In the end, if you ever read any of my posts, I am forever grateful to you and your time. Leave a comment or a like so I know who you are and then I can pay the same respect to you. I will probably (hopefully) write different posts this 2 weeks, following the challenge and daily tasks from Blogging 201. Bear with me and wish me luck!


  1. this just popped up in my feed and I thought I’d say hi as a fellow 201-er blogging on pregnancy related things. You’re a long way ahead of me though- we’ve only just started trying for a kid. Good luck and look forward to reading more from you

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