Are We Part of A Cult or Something More?

Has it ever crossed your mind that we are all actually in different cults, one way another? We woke up one day as a child surrounded by people who believed they were fighting for the right reasons, a set of way of living, a higher being worshipped, a book to serve as guidelines, and a community to support that views.

We are told that this is they way of life, and children who are very receptive are easily indoctrinated. They love getting attention, being part of a group, singing or praising together, or simply having a lot of people to share. They love to be accepted. And so the accepted the indoctrination; the religion, the monarchy, the communism, the transgender-supportive community where you may be trapped in the wrong body, or any cult there has ever been.

When we are born to a set of beliefs, that’s what we perceive to be true. If all these amazing adults believe something to be true, something that makes them ecstatic, surely that God is real, or surely we have to decapitate someone to be saved from hell, or maybe getting a double mastectomy would really make us be recognized as a capable man like Obama, or Hitler.

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This viewpoint sets me backward on my religious beliefs. It doesn’t matter what I know or what I think. It matters that everyone re-think what they know to be true. Why is something true? Just because someone says so, or the Holy book says so? I believe this is when people say the word “faith”.

Great! You have faith! Now I’d ask myself again whether it’s logical or have a significant history to it. Then think whether it serves a greater purpose, that is peace in the world, not destruction or power abuse. I know it’s not that simple but that’s how I cope with it right now. How do you keep your faith fresh?

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