Super Vegas from Vegas Hot-dog!

I’m sure that if you live in Jakarta, you’ve heard about Vegas Hot-dog. Although they don’t have lots of branches (actually they only have one store at the moment), but their concepts and variety of sauces are the first in Indonesia. They also had the longest sausages for a hot-dog bun, that is the Super Vegas!

The Super Vegas is a 30cm long beef sausages, fried with butter and put in a bun with lettuce, onion, mustard, tomato and chili (u could separate them if u want). In addition to that, they have several sauces which you can choose and either put it above your hot-dog or put it in a sauce platter they provided. There’s a Singapore sauce which was a bit sour and salty, a Brazilian sauce which was a thick sweet black pepper sauce, an Indonesian sauce which was a nutty sauce, a Thailand sauce which was a thick sweet an sour sauce, and a Kansas sauce which was a BBQ sauce. In my opinion, Singapore and Brazilian sauce is a nice try with the sausage.

My suggestion is, ask for the waiter/waitress to get yo a spoon so you can try ’em one by one. Then choose which one (or all) you’d like and put them on the sauce platter. I don’t think mixing the sauces with the hot-dog would be a great idea since some are too thick and some are too watery. So, beware.. 😉 Apart from the sauces, the sausages itself I must say it’s pretty ordinary. Not as good as the Seven Eleven sausages (the Vegas Beef) but definitely a must-try.

Aside from Vegas Beef, they also had other sausages options which you may choose for regular or large portion. Mind you, the Super Vegas is only available in Vegas Beef. Personally, I think their Chicken Cordon Bleu Hot-dog is interesting. There are also Quarterfrank, Veal Bratwurst, French Garlic, and Chicken Quarterback.

Visit them at Urban Kitchen, Central Park (the new mall next to Mall Taman Anggrek) on the second floor. Open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. everyday. For more information and to find what promo they offer at the moment, you can call +6221 70711930 or visit

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