Septimus Heap – Enter a New Fantasy…

If you love Harry Potter, or you simply like children and fantasy book, then you will definitely like Septimus Heap, written by an English author Angie Sage. Septimus Heap is a series of fantasy novels entitled Magyk, Flyte, Physik, Queste, andSyren. There is one last book to complete this series, The Magykal Papers – a collection of documents, detailed maps, pamphlets, messages, secret journals of the characters, and many more.

So far I have only read 2 books, that is Magyk and Flyte. It was a story about Septimus Heap, the seventh son of the seventh son, whom is told to be very very magykal (magical). On the day he was born, the Necromancer, an evil wizard, killed the Queen on the castle and rule over the country, just when Septimus’ mom found that her seventh son is dead. Yet, the Necromancer failed to kill the princess, which means he still can’t fully take over the country. The princess was hidden, in replacement of Septimus. Ten years later, the real story began. Septimus was found alive, the first son of the Heap family betrayed everyone and follow the Necromancer, and the story goes on…
The language of these books are a lot simpler than of Harry Potter. It’s interesting to find some words being changed up, like magic becomes Magyk. The plot is very easy to understand and it flows easily from one page to another. You can read the beginning of the book by peeking through amazon, just like I did 😉 Once you opened the link, click on the “Click to LOOK INSIDE!” just at the top of the picture of the book (like in the last picture below). Here is the link:

It was actually aimed for children aged nine to twelve, but I saw  from the reviews at that there are many adults that read them too and said that this book is indeed interesting. Children book lasts forever, just like Enid Blyton’s and Roald Dahl’s novels. Or even Tintin, Asterix, Doraemon! Children books, full of fantasy and adventures, lasts for centuries and the story never dies. It goes on to your child, grandsons, and so on. 
Before I bought this series, I was hesitated between buying this or The Secrets of the Immortal Nicolas Flamel – a series of 6 books written by an Irish writer Michael Scott, also a fantasy about magician. They came up as The New York Times Best Seller, while Septimus Heap came up a National Best Seller. So I guess I’ll try Angie Sage’s first.

I won’t recommend the Indonesian translated version, since the art of fantasy novels are in the language, as well as in the plot. The English language is very easy, you won’t find many difficult words such as in Harry Potter.

Oh, Septimus Heap world also offers different kind of magic than the ones in Harry Potter. The maps reminds me of Lord of The Rings, although this is nothing like LOTR. If you are still a teenager, I’m sure you would love to visit in addition to the book. Enter the world of Septimus 😉 Enjoy!

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