Zenbu, A Calorie-Count Japanese Restaurant

Although there are many Japanese Restaurant in Jakarta, Zenbu is the only one I found so far with calories counted on each meal on their menu. I went to this place for the first time at 2006 for my friend’s birthday. What I remember most about that visit is that the Green Tea Ice cream is superb… I feel like I can still taste it.. Oh, and the Tempura Ice Cream, too.. I don’t have the picture because the last time I went there I was too full already to order dessert.

Instead, we ordered appetizer. There is this one favourite appetizer, as written on the menu, the Dynamite Mozaru. It’s a mixture of mozzarella cheese and their ‘dynamite’ sauce, baked with seafood on it. It is verrryyy tasty, but I think it’s too sweet for an appetizer. Since they highlight the mozzarella cheese, I think it should have tasted cheesy instead of sweet. Real sweet, like sweet milk. So, I’m a bit disappointed with this one. There is one appetizer similar to this at Pasta de Waraku, Hotate Mentai, of course with totally different ingredients.

I love Teppanyaki, so I ordered the Beef Teppanyaki. This is the first time I ordered something else rather than the baked rice called Mozaru (there are various toppings and or fillings for the Mozaru, definitely a MUST-TRY!!!). Back to topic, the Beef Teppanyaki is gooddd.. I love the sauce, sweet and salty with perfect thickness. If I’m not mistaken, the price is around 50thousand Rupiah, including Miso Soup and rice. They give quite a lot of meat and definitely lots of vegetables to feed you up healthily, as you can see from the picture 🙂 The Miso soup is also great, one of the best Miso Soup in Jakarta, I would say. It has a strong taste but not too tasty to make you thirst like crazy. If you like Teppanyaki, you’ll love this 😉

My boyfriend, on the other hand, likes curry! So he ordered the Chicken Curry Don (If I said it wrong, then look for the menu with curry on top of rice (n_n) I only tasted one mouthful of everything, and I must say that the curry is goooddd tooo… Well, I’ve tasted worse, and I don’t recall anything better than this because I don’t eat Japanese curry a lot. All I can say is that it won’t disappoint you, especially if you like curry. As all Japanese curry, it was thick and a bit salty-sweet. The vegetables are a good accompaniment for the Chicken Tempura and the curry. Price was decent, cheaper than the Teppanyaki.

All of the menu has its own total calorie, so if you’re on diet make sure you visit this place to run away from your boring food. For those who are not, you had to try the ice cream 🙂

I always visited Zenbu at Muara Karang, Muara Karang Barat G VI No. 34. Jakarta Utara. DKI Jakarta – Indonesia. PH 1: (021) 667-8020. Here is the link to the map and you can get directions to and from: 

They also have another branch at Senopati, Senopati Raya No. 65. Jakarta Selatan. DKI Jakarta – Indonesia. PH 1: (021) 5296-4960 , map at:

Enjoy! 🙂


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