Es Teler 77, the Not-so-Traditional Shaved Ice

Holla! Have you ever been to Es Teler 77? they proclaimed to be a fast food restaurant, although the foods they served aren’t all fast food. It was established on 1982 after the founder won a contest for Es Teler (Iced mixed fruit). If you eat es teler at other restaurants, you may find it really different with the ones in Es Teler 77. Some places would mix various fruits with some kind of jelly or mostly grass jelly, and some even mixed it with syrup. Es Teler 77 keeps it simple, only with avocado and jack fruit mixed in ice with milk and liquid sugar.

However, I would say that the ice texture was disappointing. Most people ordered es teler when the day is hot and dampy so they can cool up with iced drinks, but Es Teler 77’s ice was not easily melt! So far, in every time I eat es teler, it was always with shaved ice. This Es Teler 77 was not exactly shaved ice, but more like smashed little pieces of ice. Sigh. I need to go back to the counter and ask them to put more water or syrup in it so I could eat the fruits with the iced drinks, instead of fruits with ice. What’s even more disappointing is that they gave me too much syrup instead mixing it with water or melt iced, so it became too sweet, although I can still taste the milk not merely the syrup.

This place was unpopular for youngsters, maybe because it hasn’t developed their image for sooo long. It has been, what, since 1982, and since I was little the place was still exactly the same. I remembered I used to go there quite often with my family, and remembered that my brother like the noodle. I think I used to like the Otak-otak Goreng (fried fish cake). Well, all I can say is, go try it and tell me what you think of it 🙂

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