The Edge – Good Candle Light Dinner in Jakarta

It’s been a while since I last write. Soooo many things to share, so little time. Last month was my anniversary with my lovely boyfriend, and it took me a whole day just to browse a perfect place for a romantic candle light dinner. At the beginning, we agree to have a dinner at Cassis, but then again it doesn’t have candle light! Finally, a friend of mine suggest The Edge, where a friend of his was once had a candle light dinner.

When I called to reserve, the receptionist was very friendly and helpful. I told him that this is our first anniversary, so I want him to set us a place far from other tables. He said he will choose the best outdoor spot, with candle lights arranged like Valentine’s Day and please feel free to bring my own flower or other decorations (engg… shouldn’t guys be doing that? *poke my bf). Anyway, it was raining, so I was guessing that the plan has failed but it turns out to be just fine.

It was on a building, we park on the basement and went straight to the 5th floor. Stepping out from the elevator, there’s a receptionist table on the right, which is empty. There two tables at the left with beautiful white sofas, and a television. Straight in front of the elevator is a door to the outside tables, where it still rains a bit. When the waiter approached us, I told him my reservations, and he apologize that he’s been re-setting my table 3 times that day!! He said that he set it on the afternoon, then it rains so he had to clean it. Then the rain stops, and starts again, and again. So he let us sit on the white sofa while ordering the menu, and will set us the table outdoor near the entrance, which still has roof a bit 🙂

Okay, it’s been a while and I forgot the exact names of the menus we ordered, but I will tell you the details. The appetizer is magnificent!! it’s a toast with half-baked salmon mixed with other ingredients and sauces. My favorite ingredients are the blueberries. Indeed, they use fresh blueberries!!! The mayonnaise is not too oily, with just the perfect sweetness accompanying the salmon. The toast is hard, though, so we ate it with bare hands 😀

Unfortunately, the main course are quite disappointing. I ordered tenderloin, medium well. It came to me somewhat medium, because it was tough to cut. Not hard as well done, but it’s like sticky and the inner side still has red liquids (blood? :p). I asked the waiter to cook it a bit again, but it turns out to be just the same, well a little better. My bf ordered rib eye, and he was pretty satisfied. I tried it, and although the sauce are the same, his are pretty good because the meat are tender.

I would suggest the place if you’re looking for a candle light dinner, but not if you’re looking for good food. Ordering 3 menus and 2 drinks (oh, my drink was good – ask for their specialty) costs us around 850 thousand Rupiahs, so it’s a bit pricey for the taste, not for the place. One thing you have to keep in mind, make sure that it’s not raining and that it won’t rain until you finish. The best spot according to me is beside the swimming pool, with views to Kemang road. The place they set for us at the beginning, was at the other top, with the largest view and private. Too bad it rains. Menus are mostly western, with slightly Asian like fried rice. I would suggest to try the salmon menu, and try be careful with the steaks 😀

Kemang Icon Hotel
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 1
Jakarta Selatan 12730, Indonesia


Tel. (62-21) 719 7989
Fax. (62-21) 719 8968


    • Hi there! It’s been a while. I just transferred the blog last year, sorry for not giving answer sooner. No, they didn’t ask for a booking fee. The manager was really nice and try to provide what we need for a special event (or romantic just-the-two-of-you event). They’re still on business!

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