Pasta de Waraku – More Than Just Japanese Pasta!

Looking for pasta? Here is the place. Looking for tasty green tea ice cream? Here is the even most perfect place. Not too sweet, not too bitter, with a strong green tea flavor on top of sweet glazed baked bread, and garnished with fresh red bean, their new “Macha Hanito” is perfect! If only they could give more ice cream so that we could finish the whole bread without running out of the tasty macha, it would be awesome! ūüėÄ By the way, it was soooo good, I completely forgot to take a picture for it instead there’s an alternative “Mix Fruit Hanito” if you enjoy freshness.

Ah, sorry for coming with the desert first! It was just too good too miss, hihi… I had visited Pasta de Waraku quite often in the past, especially when they first opened the store in Indonesia. As its called, they offered a wide variations of pasta, mostly spaghetti, with several options of sauces. Their specialty is ‘wafu’ sauce, said to be made from fish! Makes all their food is without MSG. No MSG, once again! Personally, I looove their basil sauce, which taste salty and sweet enough, yet with creamy basil tasted so delightful you wouldn’t want to stop eating!

On this visit, we were a group of 10 people so we ordered a lot, lot and exchange our foods to try everything. Started with the appetizer, we had “Waraku Salad”, “Hotate Butter”, “Salmon Cheese”, “Hotate Mentai Mayo Gratin” and many others.

“Hotate Mentai Mayo Gratin”(48K)¬†was and still is one of my favorite dish in the restaurant, succulent scallops overflowed with cheese, cream, onions and mushrooms, make the mouth wanting for more after each bite. But be warned not to eat too much because it is very filling, it’s best to share ;P.

“Hotate Butter”(48K)¬†is the new ‘hotate’ type appetizer. As for me, it was alright. I think scallops are not supposed to be fried, and this one is almost tasteless for me, especially if compared to the above one. The others loved it, though.

Another appetizer that is great is the “Salmon Cheese” (33K). It’s basically fried butter with salmon and cheese filling with mayo¬†sauce¬†on the side ūüôā Decent price for something delightful.
Moving on to the main dish, I can’t describe alllllll the dishes we tried that night, but I will tell you what I ordered. I had “Angus Steak with Black Pepper Sauce + Mentaiko¬†Spaghetti” (88K). It was a bit¬†disappointing¬†overall as a dish, the¬†Angus¬†steak, didn’t feel or taste like real steak (it was too soft and felt like ground beef or at least some part of the cow that wasn’t suppose to be cooked as a steak). I think they worked on the beef too much. However, the¬†spaghetti¬†was awesome.
Address: Grand Indonesia Lantai 3 A Unit 5, Jl. MH Thamrin No. 1, Menteng
Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta
Phone: 021-23580916

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