My Choice of ‘Dark Spot’ Serum

*slightly covered by BB Cream
First of all, I felt terribly sorry for neglecting my own blog for so long. You have noooo idea how much stuff I have kept. Unfortunately, I just moved to the United States recently. Future posts will mostly be around Los Angeles area, until further notice 😉 So here’s my first review at uncle Sam’s.
As many other women out there fighting their skin problems, be it for sun spots or acne scars, I’ve also fought mine for years. Mine starts with heavy acne problems, from whiteheads to cystic acne. I’ve recovered from the acne, but it leaves me red-ish scars (I could say it was boxcar) on both cheeks and chin.
When I realized that serum could solve the problem, as offered by many cosmetic brands, I started to look for one. Since I’ve been using Clinique for a while, I almost fell for their Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle & UV Damage Corrector, which I recently bought for my mom. Then I read some reviews on which are not really satisfactory in terms of acne scars (reviews on wrinkles are great, though). So I searched again for another product. I also considered Estee Lauder’s Idealist which is intended for uneven skin tone, and the ‘Intensive Night Repair’ which is actually for aging but I read that some people actually used it for scars. 
After comparing the reviews, there’s another one with more positive feedbacks from customers, that is Kiehl’s ‘Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution’. It comes in a 1 oz. bottle, similar to the competitors, in an eyedropper packaging. Although some people don’t like it, I find it more efficient compared to the pump bottle of Estee Lauder’s Pore Minimizer serum that I formerly used.
I paid $49.50 for the serum, which is a decent price. The texture is liquidly, which is real good when you have oily skin because it’s light compared to the other ones. The ingredients consist of Activated C, peony extract, and white birch extract. See how it works on the left.
After 4 weeks of use, it shows a difference on my skin texture, especially on the boxcar spots. They seemed to have been lifted little by little, and it is less red. I can’t say that the difference is significant, but it is possible to see more significant effect a couple more weeks. Let’s hope for the best! *crossingfingers

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