The ‘Tastiest’ BBQ is by Phil’s BBQ..

I was addicted to Food Network since I got here. Just a couple of days before I visit San Diego, there was a show where this guy visited an awesome looking place called ‘Phil’sBBQ‘ in San Diego, which sounds to me like a destiny. Ha! I got to go there. There are 2 places, Point Loma and San Marcos. I had no idea which one was it that I went to…

The place is a bit dim as you walk in, especially from a broad daylight. At first, you will have to go in front of the counter where there will be a hostess asking about whether you are dining in or take-out. Each will be in a separate line. You will then order at the counter, and go to whichever table you want, and the device they gave you will ring and vibrate when your order is ready for pickup at the counter. So I thought it was a bit more of a semi-restaurant.

The food, is very Barbeque-ish. I ordered what I saw on TV, which are the Baby Back Ribs and the El Toro sandwich. The Ribs ($11.95-17.95) taste amazing! Well the BBQ sauce is. Personally, I liked Chile’s better just because they gave me ribs without fat and more tender. Phil’s BBQ ribs is soft and tender, but there are some fats here and there and they are slightly overcooked. They dont, how do you say it, fall right off the bones. For those of you who enjoys fat and not too-tender meat (like my mom does), then you will definitely find it most amusing 😉

Moving to the second dish, El Toro ($6.95) is a char-grilled deli sliced tri-tip topped with the signature BBQ sauce. From what I saw on Food Network, they marinate the tri-tip (is it overnight? I forgot) with the BBQ sauce, and when it’s marinated enough they will cook it again withhh the BBQ sauce. Double attack, man… Anyway, that’s how they served it, basically only the tri-tip and the bun. The meat are so soft that it melts right away in my mouth, and the BBQ is kicking the flavor out.

The BBQ sauce from those two dishes are the same. It has a bit tanginess in it, sweetness, a hint of spiciness, and of course the delicious salty flavor comes at the right time to kick all those flavor into the mouth. Awesome. Be sure to have the fries, though, because the BBQ kicks really hard that it numbs my tongue! 😀 Interested? Heard they’re opening another place soon 😉 If you’re here for the first time, I’d recommend El Toro compared to the ribs. Until then…when I visit this place again…

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