Want the Best Deep-Fried Food? Only at Chicken Charlie’s

As this is my first year in California, OC (Orange County) Fair is the first one I visited. Apparently most of the featured food can only be found on these kind of fairs, which doesn’t happen very often in one place. OC Fair is about to end but soon LA Fair is going to open, and most likely the same food I’m going to tell you about will be there.

My favorite, as appeared on Food Network Channel, is Chicken Charlie’s. It’s where you will find everything fried, deep-fried, and you know it, totally fried. From their signature fried chicken to fried oreo and twinkies. I mean, seriously? They are extremely fry-licious.

You can see the menu from this picture, fried avocados, fried cereal, fried peanut butter and jelly, fried kool-aid, fryBQ ribs which I had, and many others. I also ordered Chicken Strips, Fried Frog Legs and Fried Oreo for sure.

The frog leg tastes nice. The batter is good as the other ones, crispy, tasty and yet tender. They were perfectly cook that the inner side is still soft and juicy. They served it with a nice french fries and lemon slices. A nice combination, but if you want something more unusual, go for the FryBQ Ribs. Yeap, it’s a deep fried BBQ Ribs 🙂

Can you imagine what’s behind this round fried balls? Oreo. Definitely not our usual oreo. The batter has a distinct sweet crisps, but melt in your mouth as you took the first bite. The oreo is so soft that I can hardly believe it’s the same oreo we used to have! Cripy, tender, sweet, melts. What a wonder. I cannot wait to go to LA Fair, just to eat this again. Really. Click here for more information on the upcoming LA Fair which will be held from Aug 31 to Sept 30, 2012 at Pomona, California. See you there!


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