God in Christianity and Islam


A war between Christianity and Islam is one of the oldest war that still continues on until today, not literally, but in some people’s heart. I am a Catholic, but I was baptized in a Christian church when I was about 8 years of age. I was raised in a Methodist church where I accepted Jesus as my Savior. By the age of 12, I can’t stand the desire for Catholic Church and was baptized as a Catholic.

A far wretched from it is Islam. I studied about Islam when one of my Ex-Boyfriend was a Muslim and the only way we can be together is for me to convert. I didn’t. Not because of religion, but because of heart. I’ve learned that Islam is actually like an improvement from Christian. At least from my perspective.I know Christian people would not like me for this, but it was based on the facts I saw. Islam admits the presence of Jesus, but Christian did not approve the presence of Mohammed, the last Prophet.

Christian has bible and Islam has Qur’An. Both are very very similar, some contents are exactly the same. Only the part where Jesus is only a prophet in Qur’An while Christian believes that Jesus is God, the part where Muhammad is the last Prophet sent by God to bring the Last Revelation to the world, and the part where the system, prayers, customs, rituals are different by a lot. Really, when you think of it, Jesus was born in what now has become Arabian Country. Maybe there’s a reason why the Last Revelation of God is in Arabic, no?

Yet, whatever difference they both have, Christian and Islam are the same. They believe in One God, and One God only. Islam called Him Allah, Christian called him Yahweh. Yes, I know the difference is again in Jesus, but Christian believes that Jesus, Holy Spirit and God is one. That makes it the same one true God. I don’t know much about Judaism but I know for sure they believe in the same one true God. I don’t think Jesus will be mad when Muslims called him as Prophet instead of Son of God. If Jesus is God and Muhammad was sent by God, then Christian doesn’t have the right to say that they are most righteous one. Yet Christian has the right to stick with their religion and the Bible, because Jesus said that those who believe in Him shall be forgiven and come with Him to Heaven and that He is the door. So vice versa, Islam doesn’t have the right to say that they are the most righteous one either.

So what the fuss is about? Maybe I am the one who’s blind. But I believe in God, in Jesus, in Holy Mary, in Holy Spirit, and most of all, I believe in my heart. And my heart is telling me to love God no matter which way we choose. Because He will always be there for us, in any way we chose. He is Alpha and Omega. We who chose to believe in it, will be safe in His hands. You know what, I think God creates different religion because He knows that each of us is unique and He must provide a way for us to reach Him. In any way that we believe.

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