The Essence of Las Vegas: Casino, Clubs, Strippers ;)

Most people went to Vegas to gamble. I went on a mission to explore the city, the food, and of course, to gamble. I set a maximum amount of money I’m willing to spent at gambling, which is at $100. It was a well-spent money for we had lots of fun on those Slot Machines at different hotels. I have to say that $100 will not be enough if you want to get money from gambling, especially when you play a more ‘advanced’ gamble such as roulette, poker, blackjack, etc. Just remember, you can only gamble with the money you are ready to lose.

Of course they don’t use coins anymore in Las Vegas, the Gambling city. When people play hundreds and thousands of dollars at once, coins are very risky to watch and carry. All of the machines in major casinos (that’s almost every casino) in Las Vegas now use Gaming Voucher, which you can exchange to real money at an ‘ATM-like’ machine where you can also change your money from a hundred to 1, 5 or 10 dollars. Yes, you still need your money to play, and get this voucher as your change or your extra money if you win.
If you’ve watched ‘The Hangover’ then you’d know that Vegas is also famous for its nightlife. Many people celebrate their Bachelor or Bachelorette party in Vegas. Wanna know why? Strippers and drinks are everywhere. Just pick up the phone and call them, or go straight to them. If you’re interested in going to one, try Spearmint Rhino. I’ve read the reviews and it was said that they have the most fabulous women in all Vegas. Make sure you bring cash for tips here and there 😉

Remember the movie? 😉

You can also go to regular club, but you have to prepare for the queue. My advice if you wanna go to club is try to find and pay for VIP treatment. My choice is ‘XS Nightclub’ at Wynn Hotel. Yelp it! One more thing, I would not recommend watching Burlesque because really, there are more topless women on strip clubs! I watched ‘Fantasy’ which proclaims themselves as ‘The Strip’s biggest tease’, and it was a waste of money.

Move on to Food… Always, the best part of every trip. On my next post…

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