How Meaningful is Your Life?

Life is hard. A labor. A series of trials, tribulations, temptations, and some ended in tears. People have fought to prove themselves as the most righteous since early ages to this moment, and forward. They learn, fight, make a name, find a purpose, and survive.

We have evolved. We have actors and actresses to entertain us through television, singers and musicians struggles to find their fortune and make a career of it, marketers help companies sells their products or services, designers play with their mind to create something unique and be famous.

Isn’t the true question is, who am I?


People take pride in this era by what they do, sometimes forgetting who they are in the process. We can achieve a dream career by years of diligent hard work, but have you ever asked yourself, what is your purpose in life? If you did, and you did find your purpose, would it make a difference to the world?

I used to dream of becoming many things. How many of them came true, I dare not count. Maybe half. Or less. I’ve done many things I’m not proud of, yet I must not forget the moments I was actually proud of because it’s easier to remember the bad than the good. That’s why we must not fret, must not give up, must keep all hopes alive.

It’s easy to just go on with life. To eat when you’re hungry, to sleep when you’re tired, to play games when you’re bored, and go to work only as a source as income. Imagine a world full of meaning. Sometimes in life we’re too busy worrying about small stuff. Things that will not make a difference in the world and that don’t define who we are.

Imagine what happens when people really mean it when they say ‘love’. Imagine the difference a bowl of soup would make when given to a starving homeless, a shelter, or a penny. Imagine sunflowers in the middle of fields, rain in the driest part of Africa, knowledge in the minds of a visionary.

Take control of your life, do things not only you like but put meaning to it. Garden, not because you want to spend time outside but because it makes you feel alive when those roses and orchid finally blooms. Cook, not because you need to eat but because you want your loved ones to be healthy and energized. Go to work, not because your paycheck is coming soon but because you like seeing people smile when you gave them coffee, or because you like the feel of paper and keyboards in your hand and let your mind focus on your work, or because you like helping people when you answer that phone call, knowing you might make a difference today.

Sometimes a smile is enough to ease someone’s problems when you can see past the surface. When you find meaning in the smallest piece of life. That’s when you know you’re alive. That’s when you ask yourself, “Who am I?”

Because when you mean what you say, and you understand why you did what you did, and you appreciate every waking moment, perhaps you might not have any regrets. You don’t have to worry when people mock you, upsets you, or when life doesn’t go as you planned. Simply because you understand that this is life. Simply because your life is meaningful and nothing can take that away from you. Not even sickness, for you will find peace knowing your life has been amazing. When your life is meaningful… You will be.

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  1. Meaningfulness, a sense of self worth a sense of accomplishment, we are all seeking meaning…..helping others, smiling, being kind to animals…..
    How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives….Annie Dillard

    • Agree 🙂 If only everyone realizes this, then the whole world would be really meaningful to live on. Together, making others happy, do something. The more people understands this the bigger impact it will bring to the community 🙂

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