Sometimes in Life: A Holiday Reflection

Sometimes in life we say what we don’t mean to say. Sometimes it hurts someone else’s feeling. Sometimes we realized and apologized, but sometimes we don’t.

Sometimes in life you care about someone and that person needed you. But somehow, sometimes in life you just cannot do what you wanted to do for them. Until time is running out, and there will never be a time anymore to make do to that someone.

2011 Christmas present from my sister
2011 Christmas present from my sister

Sometimes in life we wander around. We travel. See things we’ve never seen before. Sometimes it changes us, make us realize life is more than it seems. As if we’re tiny bubbles living in our own globe. Though more often people just walk by as if it was just another day, at another place, in a different time.

If life is a series of paragraphs, then we are the syllables. Each character completes each other, creating one binding stories of different forms. Sometimes you just don’t know where one thing came from. Like different skies and horizons you saw in different parts of the world. Then you’ll marvel at the wonders of The Creator.

Happy New Year!!

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