Get Some Spring Sun in Florida!

Spring is here! If you haven’t decided where you’re gonna head for some ‘fabu’ holiday this time of the year, you might want to consider Florida. Not so far as Miami, but you’ll find lots of things you can do 6 hours away from each other, a romantic getaway on the beach(es) around Panama City Beach or a family theme-park getaway for you and the kids in Orlando.

Shell Island - shallow beach
Shell Island – shallow beach

I moved to Panama City last year before moving to OKC just a few weeks ago. It was 40 minutes drive to Panama City Beach (PCB), one of the most sought after place for Spring Break with its long stretched white sandy beach, water sports, and seaside pubs. I was never a beach person, but I love great scenery. PCB will be very crowded on spring time, but you can always go to Shell Island for some more secluded time.

Rosemary Beach
Rosemary Beach with the bluest water so far! #nofilter

Drive West and you’ll find few other beaches often used for weddings and events alike, such as Santa Rosa, Destin, and Rosemary Beach. If you like French Quarter, serene beach, cute vacation rentals, and cute restaurants, coffee shop and bookstore for an afternoon stroll, you’ll love Rosemary Beach, especially the fact that it’s only about 30 minutes away from the super packed PCB area. You can travel with your teens and hey, everyone gets what they want!

Rosemary Beach-

That was my favorite so far, although I have to admit we went to Destin more often than to the beaches along the way. Destin is about 2 hours away from PCB, but it’s more upscale and mature with the only Premium Shopping Outlet (and big brand names for the matter) in the area. Destin beach, however, is mostly secluded to the resorts, building residencies, private venues, leaving only a small portion of hard-to-find public beach. So if you want some beach/shopping/golf luxurious vacation, Destin it is!

Destin public beach bordered with private properties
Destin public beach bordered with private properties #nofilter

If you love Harry Potter like me, 6 hours drive just to taste ButterBeer is totally worth it (well, among other things I got to buy)! Get some HP-inspired funky toys at Zonko, Bertie-Botts Every Flavor Beans, watch Hogwarts Choir’s performances in addition to the fun rides were what kept me in Hogsmeade for hours! All in Universal’s Island of Adventure, one of two theme parks at Universal Orlando.


Oh, not to mention trying to pick ‘my wand’, doing the swish and flick to fit my very self! If you have younger kids who are not too keen with HP, they have quite an extensive Dr. Seuss area with cartoon decorations here and there, including The Simpsons. Marvel, Hulk, and Men in Black are some of the more thrilling rides. But boy, weren’t I happy to see Minions! 😀

Universal Studio
Universal Studio

We head to Seaworld Orlando on our 4th day after spending 3 days in both Universal’s Island of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida. The nice thing about being in Military is that you can get free tickets to Seaworld and some other attractions, like some museums. The Seaworld was smaller than I thought it would be, especially since the Shamu performance were closed. We got some cool pics, though!

Dolphin @Seaworld Orlando
Dolphin @Seaworld Orlando #nofilter
Shamu @Seaworld Orlando
Shamu @Seaworld Orlando #nofilter

Overall, Universal Studio would be such a lot of fun for younger visitors. Or maybe I’m just getting old and not so easily amused anymore, although I remember going to Disneyland California always makes me smile last year. I heard that Disney World Orlando is huge and spread out, not compact like Disneyland, so it might take up to 5 to 7 days to complete going through everything while it took us only 2 days top to go through both Universal Studios, and less than a day at Seaworld.

Penguins @Seaworld Orlando
Penguins @Seaworld Orlando #nofilter

There are other attractions in Orlando if you have time, like Wet ‘n Wild water park, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, etc. If you’re not from US and would like to go to theme park, tourist attractions, etc., I would recommend going to LA, California. I miss that place!

Go to Hollywood and find Ripley’s, Guinness World Record, walk on Beverly Hills, and maybe meet some stars! Half hour away you’ll be at Disneyland and you won’t have to walk too far from one attraction to others! Want a beach getaway? Santa Monica is less than an hour away with outdoor stores and cute cafes to wait while your loved ones go surfing! I am bias. LOL! Enjoy spring wherever you are, people! In the meantime, I’m still struggling with Oklahoma’s wind. Trying my best not to fly away back to LA. 🙂


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