Do You Like Mr. Grey?

It’s about time I confess to you how lazy I have been. I blame the medication. My ongoing allergy. Lack of exercise pinning my body tighter to the sofa. Anxious wanting to get busy but I just happened to have a lot of free time that I wasted doing I don’t know what. A lot of mopping the floor is definitely involved. Hmm. Reading Fifty Shades of Grey.

I read the sample version on Amazon months ago and decided that it was just another romance novel gone wild. I was wrong. You can read it for all the wrong reason; the sex, the heat, the passion, the bdsm… Well if you don’t like kinky stuff, I mean it’s an acquired taste, and for all the good reason I don’t want to acquire it, don’t let it stop you to read it.

It’s not merely about Submission, or sex. It’s how E.L. James, the writer, describes the feeling, the anxiety, the fear of the characters. How she created that perfect world of being a virgin and happen to fall in love with a super-rich-handsome-sexy-masochist, who happens to fall for with this sweet innocent young woman. I think it’s like a Cinderella story in a sensual (okay, erotic) setting.

It wasn’t perfect, the plot. It wasn’t as smart as some fiction, or as characteristically rich as some chic lit. It’s not fair to compare it with classic such as Shakespeare, do so with some other romance novel if you wish. I like the way she depicts Anastasia Steele’s inner battle, the choosing of right and wrong, and how she’s still learning about herself.

If else, read just because James was able to describe Ms. Steele’s thoughts tangibly and the sex scenes explicitly, with occasional email to and fro the characters that can make you giggles. I think the book is a success for its ability to capture the real feelings one felt, in those wrong nights. Oh and Grey’s ability to please woman, bonded or not, his flirtatious comments, and those expensive gifts most women can only dream of. So what if it’s not real? 😉

Some people won’t agree to it. Who am I to judge how good a book really is. I don’t even read romance. Well, occasionally. Rarely. What do you think about Grey?Outtakes-Jamie-Dornan-02

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