The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn Is…

They said it was love.
When he walked into my life, he said…
“You are mine. Life is empty without you”.

One day everything falls apart. Shattered.
Until comes a day when you can talk again,
To befriend the love you shared and forgive the pain.

Isn’t love merciful, kind, compassionate?
Yet one speaks of love only to hate when the bond ends.
Not only men. Nor women. Friends does that, too…

That pain when love walks away,
You sacrificed so much and it just walks away.
But if you meant what you said…

The “I love you”

The caring, the worries, the gentle touch,
The smiles, tears, and every moments you shared,
Shouldn’t you love, still, and smile as you see them?

Though the heart aches for the hurt I caused. You caused.
The despair, the anger and the lost were meant to be.
But… Did you meant it when you said “I love you”?

You’ll know you’re capable of great love if you can love with everything you have, hurt in despair, and in time forgive the one you love for they might find happiness greater than you once shared, for reasons you might not understand.

It may suffice to just see them smile happily again, but why do people have to stop talking? You don’t have to disappear as if you were strangers. Keep it all within moderation so no other parties would be hurt, act like an adult. Maybe you really are not meant to be, or hurting each other more than you can love, or they belonged to someone else.

But if you love them, truly, the most important thing of all is to give them happiness the way the want it. Even when it means letting go. Although, when you really love someone you wouldn’t let them go. You couldn’t. So, have you ever really love someone?

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return”, Moulin Rouge, 2001.


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