I am Your Black Hole

I will always be your sun, your morning rays in all its glory.

I will always be your true and only fresh breeze of air.

You will always look at me as if you’ve never seen me before,

And yet all your muscle clench as if I was your only one.

Always stalking and hoping it’s a different life where you have me,

For I will always be your glorified goddess, a princess of your heart.

Where your true happiness lays, the source of your true laughter.

I will always be the black hole in your heart you tried to fill.


You tried love, lust, lies, but the hole remains unwillingly,

For I will always haunt you night and days, a lost reminder.

A bell in the distance, ringing your soul to tell the truth.

To scream and ask for forgiveness, for the love you cause,

For the love you lost, for everything that happened.

I will always linger in your scent, in every perfume, in every word,

For your words were once mine, and it shall always be.

I will always be a piece of your lost self, your aching pain.

I will always be a tear in your universe. Your black hole.

As you will always be mine.

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