5 Things Pregnancy Books Didn’t Tell You

1. Stretch Marks – The Unexpected Expectation

Week 24 Pregnancy
Week 24 Pregnancy

They appear slowly, one stripe at a time, regardless of how much oil you put on. Sure, there are people lucky enough to get away with it, some swear by certain stretch mark products, or genetics. Well, I used Honest organic oil and Palmer’s stretch mark lotion from pregnancy month 3 to 6 and no stretch mark. Hooray! Until one day on week 25, there came one red line on my hips. I continued for a week with the regimen, and by then more stripes appear on my left side and a couple on the right.

I switched immediately to Mama Mio Tummy Rub Oil and after airing it a little I slathered on Mama Mio Tummy Rub Butter. It’an amazing combination and some people swear it was the best stretch mark oil money can buy due to its omega-packed organic ingredients, but more stretch mark appears. Week 29, just a short 4 weeks after the first stripe appear, I had stretch mark all around my hips, some were longer and goes toward the torso. I blame genetics. I tried Bio-Oil for a few days but my ob said I shouldn’t because it contains Retinol, which could cause spinal/facial deformities on some cases. I’ll try it again after pregnancy, and maybe Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy. Anyone have been successful in getting rid of pregnancy stretch marks?

Week 27 - I really thought I could get away from stretch marks!
Week 27 – I really thought I could get away from stretch marks!

2. The itch. Thus, the nail scars I did to myself

I can handle the ‘stretching belly’ itch. That’s why we invest so much money on these oils and butters. What I don’t know is how I could get rashes on the whole tummy, that sometimes reached my ears, fingers, and breast. My ob tested me for PUPP, a condition in late pregancy that triggers rash, and my result came out negative. So she told me to get a benadryl, then I could at least sleep through the night. Sure it itches during daytime. But comes midnight and early morning, I can see myself as a monkey’s cousin. I tried Cortizone and Aveeno Eczema Cream and both didn’t work.

Week 31: Graphic!
Week 31: Graphic!

I thought it could be the oil, so I switched to Weleda stretch mark oil after I’m out with Mama Mios. Weleda does have arnica and some reviewers said it reduces itching. It works great for half a bottle. After that, I find myself scratching and keep on slathering more oil every few hours. A friend suggested Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap, and it is said to help heal skin irritations. The rash and itching was completely gone! For about a week or two. Then I guess it dries the skin too much so there were nights when it itched even worse. Thus, the extra striped scars all over the belly from midnight half-awake scratch. On desperate measures, I purchased Motherlove Belly Salve, which works wonder in addition to the oil, although it does makes it more oily and I prefer something that won’t stick too much to my clothes.  So I recently purchased Earth Mama Angel Stretch Mark Oil and also the Body Butter. On my fourth day and I like it so far, but the rash is still there. *scratch scratch*

3. No Appetite and No Craving

I think I may craved ice cream on my first trimester, but it could be because it was a hot spring. Nothing on second trimester. I basically eat frozen food or leftover food when my hub wasn’t around. Lots of bread, peanut butter, jelly, and Nutella. Which leads me to third trimester when I started eating more chocolate: milk, bars, spread, artisan bread, cookies, cupcake, hot chocolate at midnight, and so and so. I gained 4 pounds a week! Not good. But it wasn’t like I have to have these food, or like some people described craving, the only food I want to eat. I think these are just my preference of food since I don’t have any specific appetite. I always eat a bar of chocolate every couple of days as kids. Bad, I know. But really, is this normal?

4. Not Enough Weight Gain – Then Too Much!

I was losing weight on my first trimester. My ob was worried because I didn’t lose weight due to morning sickness and vomiting. I ate very little due to nausea, and she prescribed me with Diclegis, the only FDA approved morning-sickness medication that works wonder, except for making me feel a little drowsy. So I ate as much as I can when I’m able to. Then came second trimester. True, I didn’t have much appetite yet I felt hungry more often. So I ate more often, whatever it was. By week 35, I’ve been gaining 4 pounds a week, a total of 30 pounds so far. She told me to put a break on eating empty calories. Week 36, I only gained 1 pound. Yay!

Yes, it’s the chocolate. No, you don’t have to eat as much as you can if you’re losing weight on the first trimester. I started gaining weight at around week 14.

5. Those Heavenly Kicks Tickles – Then It Hurts

Week 30 - after Maternity Photo Shoot with Rachel Graham Photography
Week 30 – after Maternity Photo Shoot with Rachel Graham Photography

I recognized baby movements as a flutter at first, around week 16 to 19 Almost like how our stomach make sound and rambles when hungry. Then it started to twitch, like pulsing at around week 32. I believe it’s when he’s hiccuping. The first kicks were super cute! I might have missed his first kicks because I wasn’t sure how it would feel like, then I started to notice a tiny bulge, and a sliver of sensation brushing the inner skin of my tummy at week 21. Let me tell you, it tickles! Especially when he gets stronger and you can tell something moves under my shirt. Came week 34 and he can kick quite mean, leaving a pinkish mark on my tummy after he kicks hard. Weird how that happens.

Still, no matter how much it hurts, as I’m sure it would hurt even more when labor comes, it’s such a blessing to feel such tiny feet pressing against my tummy. He’s all mine right now. One day, many years after today when he’s all grown up and mature, these feelings and first experiences might be forgotten and he might not be all mine again. Yet one thing is certain. I will always love him.

Have you or your partners have had any of these pregnancies issues? I’m sure there are a lot of other issues and how to handle them out there that I didn’t know about. I would love to hear more about it if you got one!


  1. A really great post. Loved it, and my favorite was the last part of the post(he is all mine now Words of a Mother). I too suffered with post pregnancy stretch marks which I was able to cure using some home remedies and I also used a cream to cure them fast.

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