Howdy Followers from, Let’s Migrate Here

Without followers, readers, fellow bloggers, nothing I write matters. A few months ago my yearly subscription needs to be renewed. I was very fortunate to have a friend who offered me a self-hosted site so I can continue to write without having to worry about subscription.

It was a bit wonky at first, never dealing with migrating a website myself. Moreover, I just realized that my blog posts since a few months ago was still posted at the site instead of the new self-hosted one (this one, without the ‘ after the blog name).

Not to mention the stats, like the total page views, comments, and followers, are not linked. It’s like a new blog! Except, I didn’t want a new blog. So just now, when I was supposed to be asleep cuddled with my toddler, I migrated my followers to the new self-hosted website. 

If you get this in your email, I appreciate you reading this. I hope we can get to know each other better! I want to know your stories like you know mine. So tell me, what’s been going on with your life or your blog recently? 



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