10+ Must-Haves for Postpartum Moms and Baby

This is not a list of baby necessities. These are items I personally use that I wouldn’t trade for anything else, or wish I would have known sooner. So here are the list of 10 categories I would absolutely need when and if I have another baby.

1. Lansinoh Lanolin
I tried other brand’s lanolin and a natural nipple butter by Earth Mama. Although they worked fine, they didn’t come close to Lansinoh Lanolin when it comes to healing the bleeding, torn and chapped nipples (so painful I can’t even let my shirt touch my nipple, let alone wearing a bra. No, I’m not joking). The key is to warm it up in your clean fingers to soften it up before smearing it on your nipple. My picky eater never had a problem nursing and latching when I put it on.

2. New Mama Bottom Spray

I spent 46 hours of contractions and 2 hours of pushing a human out of me. I’m so glad I have this on my labor&delivery bag. The hospital gave me Dermoplast Pain Relieving Spray that gives cooling effect, but it smells weird and makes my lady part itchy most of the time. New Mama Bottom Spray is made of natural ingredients, does have a cooling effect, dries up instead of greasy like Dermoplast, and doesn’t leave any smell.

3. Ring Sling

I didn’t know I would be so attached to my baby, with how impatient and moody I am on good days. Yet there I was, purchased a whole lot of different baby carriers from traditional rebozo, woven wrap, to soft structured carriers or SSC. The most versatile carrier that is ergonomic, easy to use once you get the hang of it, promotes skin-to-skin easiest, breastfeed a newborn at ease while eating dinner, and can be used up until toddlerhood, is a ring sling.

I came across this stretchy one from France, Je Porte Mon Bebe, that would be a dream to nurse a babe in, but the fact that it is stretchy also means you have to be more careful. To be safe, find ring slings made of woven wrap. Read more about woven wraps and other carriers I use here.

4. Nose Cleaners 

We use 3 different types of nose cleaners, either one works better in different situations or simply because the other one’s still in the drying rack. But every cleaners must be washable in and out, like these:

BoogieBulb – works like the bulbs they use in hospital but you can open it, wash it properly, and dry it to prevent mold. They also comes in different sizes from newborn to toddler.

– Booger still stuck inside? Pick them out safely with Oogiebear! It can also be used for their ears.

– Need to really suck it out? We use NoseFrida when he got cold and had really thick mucus. Don’t worry, it’s got filters so germs and mucus won’t get to you

It would be best to loosen up thick mucus with Saline Drops or Spray. I was skeptical, but it helps him breathe better and heal faster.

5. Newborn to Toddler Rocker by Fisher Price

Here’s my question pre-baby. Where should I put my baby, be it sleeping or awake, when I need to take a dump for five or 30 minutes? Apparently there’s a lot of options to choose from like napper, rocker, basic or fancy swings, and even regular bassinets. We had swings, bassinet, and two other rockers that we sold. The winner is this classic from Fisher Price that can be used from newborn as rocker and transforms to toddler seat, vibrates, and is foldable. Yes, foldable! So I kept this one in the bathroom for those ‘ toilet sessions’ and peaceful shower while he dozed off or playing contently in it.

6. Weleda Baby Derma White Mallow Face Cream and Body Lotion

His eczema wasn’t bad, but it was still unpleasant. Pediatrician said it was probably just his skin being too dry, so we tried several lotions from Aveeno baby, Babyganics, Eucerin baby, Shea Moisture baby, Little Twigs, but nothing worked. I finally ordered Weleda White Mallow Face Cream before also trying their White Mallow Body Lotion. We changed his soaps to California Baby Eczema body wash, too. His skin cleared out in 3 days and it never returned. This line from Weleda uses 95% organic ingredients, is certified by National Eczema Association, fragrance free, and I just love the face cream consistency.

7. White Noise machine or apps

Some babies are great sleepers who can sleep through any noise while some others are extremely light sleepers. White noise like waterfall or rain sound is best to keep a sleeping baby distracted from other noises we make no matter how good of a sleeper they are (think flushing the toilet, wood floor creaking, or a doorbell!). The volume shouldn’t be too high and it should be put away from baby. We put it near the bedroom door, away from his bed, while making sure it’s no louder than a regular shower noise. We use Conair Clock Radio that has several white noise to choose from; and occasional use of white noise apps on the phone.

8. Snuggle Nest portable infant bed

We had a crib in the nursery, a bassinet in the living room, a pack and play in our bedroom, and this Snuggle Nest in our bed. We placed it in between our pillows so we can still use our comforter. He would be half swaddled, side-sleeping and would most likely roll over. Since I was right there beside him, I would put my arm on his belly as he slept facing me. To know that he’s breathing, safe and that I don’t have to go anywhere to feed him every hour is a lifesaver. He slept in it until he outgrew it at 3 months old. Now we keep it in the car for emergency diaper changes.

Babies are recommended to sleep in the same room (co-sleeping) with parents until 4-6 months old as it would reduce chances of SIDS. Personally , I think baby monitor won’t show whether newborns are still breathing or if they have trouble breathing. If you have ample fund, Dockatot has been gaining popularity in helping babies to sleep on their own.

9. Diaper cream – choose a natural one!

Newborn’s skin are sensitive, which is why we chose to cloth diaper during the day for his comfort and use disposables at night for our convenience. Diaper area needs to be kept clean and protected from harsh elements, so I was confused to see chemicals in big brand-name diaper creams. I opted for cloth-diaper safe diaper cream made mostly from natural ingredients, and the result is amazing. We never ever have a diaper rash. We love Grovia Magic Stick that glides great, especially for travel. Then we also use CJ’s Butter which provides more moisture when his skin is on a drier side or on the verge of having a rash from not being changed often enough.

10. 4Moms Infant Bath Tub

We started bathing him in Puj on our bathroom sink and it was perfect for newborn. After 2 weeks, I want a deeper tub where he can stay warm in water but it should be able to circulate so I can was his soapy water off while having a space for clean water. A water thermometer is also crucial since the water temperature could go up and down any minute if someone else is taking a shower. The only infant tub that has all that is 4Moms Infant Tub. That’s not why why love this so much, though. We tried the spacious Primo Euro Tub and The First Years tub but they didn’t completely drain the water afterwards, and the the little “seat props” seemed to pressed against my son’s crotch area and makes him uncomfortable. Thus, we only use 4Moms from 2 weeks old to 6 months old, when he graduated to the regular bath tub.

There are of course a whole lot of necessities you still need to prepare for a baby and your postpartum care. I love this list from Parents.com, with little notes of what you need, may need, or a complete no. There we go. I wish you all the best on your pregnancy journey and may you have a smooth delivery!


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