It’s Not About Resolution. It’s About You.

We all have things we want to do but never gets done. Then we think a new year’s resolution would do it. Hoping things will change as the world is waiting for a calendar year to change. Nothing wrong with that. Most people are easily amused, following social hype and celebrations as if it were part of themselves. Some others aren’t so socially inclined. They don’t just change because of social pressure or hype.

Thus, it rarely matters whether we make a resolution on new year’s eve or on a midsummer night. Change can only be accomplished from within. Change requires commitment and discipline, as does purpose and determination. Some people doesn’t want to change at all. They’re perfectly happy where they’re at, stagnant as it were. Some others are changing directions continuously, as if their life is unsatisfactory.

Neither is better than the other. It’s just part of a person. The key is purpose. When one have purpose, the path is clear to see, and whether change or resolution is needed. A change is never easy. People are creatures of habit. We tend to seek comfort and something familiar. We tend to fall back over when trying to change, thinking that we have failed. But sometimes falling over is part of the process.

You won’t know what you’ve achieved until you made a mistake, get up, and start over. Sometimes I feel like I’ve failed being the best mom, or that I’ve ruined my chance at a career. But we only live once. Be it new year or a day in April, let’s accept the fact that it’s okay to feel less adequate. Only to get up and do more the next day, so that one day we may reach our destination. Our purpose. Then, we’d fully live.

Even a single flower could have a beautiful purpose. Welcome, 2018.

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